The Avengers Assemble Into A Bunch

The cast of Avengers: Infinity War recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. While there, they showed off their musical chops and sang their own version of The Brady Bunch theme song, The Marvel Bunch.

The song recounts the origins of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Robert Downey, Jr. sings, “Here’s the story of a playboy genius who was gearing up to form some sort of crew.” He is then joined by Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans (who “fought in World War II).

Enter Chris Pratt, Anthony Mackie, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Chadwick Boseman who kept things sweet and simple by singing, “Wakanda Forever.”

So then one day all the heroes were assembled, to fight a villain who packed much more than a punch. And this group was labeled the Avengers, that’s the way we all became the Marvel Bunch.

And what would the Avengers be without Loki making an appearance? Tom Hiddleston, who is apparently the Alice of the bunch, punctuated the song with a signature “Hello, brother.”

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters this weekend. Will you be there?

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