E3 2018: Microsoft’s Presentation Pre Show

Summer and Shelby discuss what they are looking forward to seeing at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference.

Shelby is looking forward to seeing some fast cars, while all Summer wants to see is games, games, games. Both are excited for the eventual Halo 6 announcement, but whether or not it will happen remains a mystery.

Seeing a car on stage sounds cool, but we still have to wait till later today for our full reactions to the announcements made by Microsoft. We hope you enjoy the program as much as we do!

All music performed and Mixed by Brian Altano

Look for more coverage of E3 throughout the week here on HSB.

Look for live tweets about E3 on Twitter from @ShelbiGaDr

See you next mission!

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Shelby Saxton

Writer & Podcast Host Hardcore gamer at heart, Shelby loves everything from Walking Simulators to Shmups. His favorite games include but are not limited to Super Metroid, Bioshock, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Destiny. Shelby works as a game club leader and Improv coach for high schoolers.

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