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Josh Groban, Please Listen To This Episode

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Josh GrobanJosh Groban is an internationally renowned singer, songwriter, and actor whose baritone voice is instantly recognizable and…”

What the– HEY! Are you seriously hijacking my episode synopsis right now?

(Sorry, guys. I literally have no idea where this is coming from…)

“…unparalleled among his peers. He has entertained fans across the globe with his multi-platinum albums and DVDs (selling more than 30 million worldwide), electrifying live performances, and comedic…”

Seriously, cut it out! I’m trying to explain what this episode is about! Everyone is going to think I’m obsessed or something!

“…film and television appearances. Groban is the only artist who has had two albums land on Billboard’s list of 20 best-sellers of the last 10 years.”

Why are you doing this

“This week’s episode of Create Loud will raise you up!”

Oh, I see what you did there. Clever.

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