E3 2018: Super Mario Party Announced For Nintendo Switch

The latest entry in Nintendo’s beloved Mario Party series was announced for the Nintendo Switch at this year’s E3 during Nintendo’s Direct. Super Mario Party is looking to be one of the most creative in the series.

An example of the game was shown where we see a group of four players about to play one of the games new mini-games. We saw that they were using two switch displays and were trying to decide which direction each screen faced. The mini-game they were playing used both screens and reacted to how they were each facing, showing there were multiple ways they could’ve played that game.

The new Super Mario Party is looking to take advantage of all of the switch features and capabilities, making this new entry to be one of the series’ most ambitious. Along with being announced for the Switch, we also got a release date for the game and it’s out much sooner than anticipated. Super Mario Party hits shelves October 5th.

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Justin Wager

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