Avengers 4 Title Apparently Leaked

The guys over at Omega Underground may have uncovered what the title of Avengers 4 is going to be. Read on if you want to know. If you don’t, then turn back now…

Looking at the resume listed on Trent Opaloch’s website, until recently, we could see that he listed cinematographer on Avengers: End Game among his credits. The thing about this is Opaloch has worked with the Russo brothers for a lot of years. The cinematographer is a pretty key role on a film set meaning that he’s a major part of the production team; in fact, a lot of people see the cinematographer as the director’s right-hand man. Because of this, Opaloch’s goof carries a lot of legitimacy.

Of course, once the slip up was discovered, Opaloch hurried and corrected his website to reflect the title as Avengers 4.

Now whether or not Avengers: End Game happens to be the actual title of the next Avengers film remains to be seen. However, Joe Russo has stated that the film’s title would not be based on a line of dialogue in Avengers: Infinity War. The Russos though are the same guys who told us that none of the heroes who died would be returning. Based on recent announcements regarding upcoming films though, that appears to be untrue. I guess time will tell.

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