Autistic Student Gives Inspiring Graduation Speech

An autistic teen from Plano, Texas, who is usually nonverbal, just did the unexpected by delivering a powerful speech at his high school graduation. In his six-minute address in a stadium that seats thousands, Sef Scott gave an inspirational, uplifting commencement address. The message? Defy expectations. Live the life you want to live. And surprise the world with kindness.

Inspired by his brother, a brain tumor survivor who frequently gives speeches to help raise money, Scott said that he worked with his family to craft his graduation speech word-by-word. His desire was to inspire those in the audience to follow his example of doing the unexpected. He pointed out that this can be done with little things:  letting people cut in in line, donating tickets you won’t be using, or even saying a simple “thank you” to the special needs bagger at the grocery store. “That simple gesture could brighten what could have been a gloomy day,” he said. “You can sprinkle unexpected moments throughout your everyday life that can benefit those around you with very little effort on your part.”

Scott wrapped up his speech by telling his classmates to follow their dreams and not someone else’s.

Don’t follow someone else’s dreams. Don’t waste time on something you never wanted. Do the unexpected. It is your life that you are living, not someone else’s, so do what fulfills you.

Well done, Sef Scott. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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