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#06 – Kathleen Kennedy’s Sewage

Hope Strikes Back Podcast

Hope Strikes Back Podcast #06It’s no secret that Star Wars fans have been unhappy as of late. And based on actions from a very vocal and passionate portion of the fandom, it looks like Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy’s The Last Jedi is to blame. To show their displeasure, they are protesting any and all new Star Wars projects. They are also taking credit for the lackluster success of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Grace Randolph from the YouTube channel Beyond the Trailer is reporting that as a result of the displeased fandom, Disney CEO, Bob Iger had a secret meeting to discuss the possibility of firing Lucasfilm boss, Kathleen Kennedy. Whether or not these rumors are true remains to be seen; however, it’s an interesting thought so this week, our panel discusses the topic.

We know what Grace Randolph thinks, and you can listen above to what we think, but what do you think? Send us an email (feedback@hopestrikesback.com), leave a comment below, or message us on Facebook. We’d love to discuss your feedback on our next show!Hope Strikes Back


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